An independent marketplace for trading decentralised flexibility in the energy market.

Reduce grid operation costs and defer investments by buying local flexibility.

Sell flexibility to Distribution System Operators (DSO) and Transmission System Operators (TSO).

Trade on the intraday market when flexibility is not used for congestion management.

Unlock the true value of your flexible assets.

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What is energy flexibility?

Energy flexibility is the ability to change your planned consumption or production of energy.

The buyer of flexibility

Grid companies can manage local bottlenecks, defer investments and operate the grid more cost efficiently by buying local flexibility.

The seller of flexibility

Everyone who have a flexible asset can sell flexibility through a Flexibility Service Provider.

NODES market design does not lock you in to one platform, one aggregator, one buyer or one technical solution. Flexibility can be bought for long term availability or for short term congestion management. Buyers will see all available flexibility within their specific congested grid location. Sellers will be able to offer their flexibility into intraday markets when no buyer need their flexibility locally.




Open, transparent and independent

Provide visuality and matching

Cost effective and automatic

Connected to other markets

Not owned by a dominant market participant

Open to all participants systems


“Flexible assets are available everywhere in the grid, but since there is no incentive to be flexible, no one offers it. NODES changes this”.

                                                                   Svein Are Folgerø,  CEO,  Agder Energi Nett AS

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