Mitnetz: Renewable curtailment alternative

Electricity production from wind power has seen impressive growth in recent years within the Mitnetz grid area. Generation in the grid is much higher than the local consumption which results in congestion, forcing windmills to shut down. Mitnetz wanted to test buying local flexibility as an alternative to traditional means of managing this situation. Entelios, one of the leading demand response aggregators in Germany is offering local flexibility through NODES. Instead of shutting down the windmills, the flexibility of a nearby industrial facility is activated to absorb the excess wind power. NODES brings both parties together. The project has been managed by E-Bridge, a leading German consulting firm.

In 2017, a total of 1.4 billion Euros were spent by the German grid operators for emergency congestion management measures, mainly due to an excess of renewable production. Together with Mitnetz and Entelios, NODES has proven that there are better alternatives. Purely market-based via NODES. Cheaper and greener.

Read more, and download result from the project, here.