sthlmflex continues with DSOs ready to buy flexibility from NODES marketplace

The independent marketplace NODES and the Distribution System Operators (DSOs) E.ON Energi distribution, Ellevio AB and Vattenfall Eldistribution are happy to welcome back to sthlmflex during season Dec 2023 – March 2024.

As utilities worldwide navigate the energy transition, they face the challenge of balancing the need for grid reinforcement with non-wires alternatives to minimize costs for consumers. This is where transactive energy solutions, or flexibility markets, offer a compelling alternative to expensive and time-consuming network upgrades.

By creating a local market in sthlmflex project for the distribution grid and using a nodal approach, the marketplace allows all types of assets to participate in creating a more efficient electricity grid: sources like Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, battery storage, heat pumps, or any kind of smart buildings etc. can participate in providing flexibility to the grid, and as such get remunerated for shifting their consumption during certain hours, or even just for being available for doing so, as a back-up solution for the DSOs. Over the last years, sthlmflex has demonstrated a simple and efficient way of operating the electricity gird in a smarter and more efficient way. The facilitation of automated registration, participation, and activation by the marketplace, allows a secure and efficient interface, allowing all market participants to compete on a level playing field.

The first action of sthlmflex for this winter will be a tender for availability in the Vattenfall grid. Through this tender, interested flexibility suppliers can contract to be available for selected hours during the winter season. The tender will be open until 16 October 2023. Products with a shorter time horizon will be purchased on the market platform through the season.

Further details on participation criteria here: (