NODES™ Platform

Transacting flexibility with cutting-edge technology

The platform enables the emergence of local flexibility markets where flexibility service providers can participate at all levels of the grid.

How it works

NODES™ platform provides an end-to-end service that allows grid operators to set up a market, buy flexibility and compensate flexibility service providers.

Market Setup

The initial steps to open a local flexibility market

1. Membership

Registration with NODES™ and becoming a member.

2. Market setup

Definition of market rules and platform configuration.

3. FlexZones

Publishing of constraint zones


The process of price discovery and transacting flexibility

4. Reservation

Reservation of flexibility ahead of time (Years, months, seasons, or weeks ahead)

5. Activation

Activation of flexibility closer to delivery time

6. Dispatch notifications

Notifications to flexibility service providers and dispatch

Post Trading

Validation of flexibility delivered and invoicing

7. Validation

Verification that flexibility has been delivered.

8. Financial Settlement

Invoicing and payments.

> 3 TWh


> 5 GWh


> 12000