NODES™ provides services for transacting flexibility with cutting edge technology. If we are to succeed and be competitive we depend on motivated and engaged employees. People with ideas and commitment to develop new solutions across the value chains. Join us in our journey towards unlocking flexibility and driving sustainability.

Our Values


We are focused on delivering simple solutions for complex problems. Our Market platform is easy to use and simple to integrate through our API.


We are focused on delivering a marketplace that is trustworthy, transparent, and independent.


We are a service-minded company that works with our partners to develop a liquid marketplace for trading flexibility. Our employees are empowered to make decisions and work in a team environment, to work through problems and deliver solutions for our partners.


We provide an innovative market design, which is helping unlock the value of flexibility and accelerating the energy transition. We continually strive to develop new products and services which can be used to further the development of flexibility services.

Open positions

What do we offer?


A working day that you manage yourself

Good terms

We offer competitive benefits and conditions


We make it possible for you to grow both professionally and personally


We offer equal opportunity to all individuals joining our team.


We share a respectful working environment.

Inclusive culture

We take diversity seriously and like you just the way you are.