Flexibility market in Warsaw – Stoen Operator together with the Capital City of Warsaw and NODES enabling a pilot market for distributed flexibility

In recent weeks, Stoen Operator, together with the Capital City of Warsaw and NODES, has signed a letter of intent on the creation of a pilot market for distributed flexibility. The signatories decided to establish cooperation in order to analyze or potentially organize local flexibility markets in selected locations of the Warsaw Distribution System Operator (DSO) network.

One of the biggest challenges of the transformation of the power system is related to increasing its flexibility. At the level of distribution system operators, it is the key to eliminating congestion, creating opportunities to connect additional renewable energy sources, and limiting additional investments in infrastructure by transmission and distribution system operators. By signing the Letter of Intent, Stoen Operator, the Capital City of Warsaw and NODES expressed their unanimous opinion that the flexibility market is an extremely important element of the development of distributed flexibility resources in Poland.

Stoen Operator Sp. z o. o.

The operator supplies energy to over a million customers in Warsaw and its vicinity. Thanks to high-class specialists, significant investment outlays, as well as modern, environmentally friendly technologies, the operator maintains the highest standards of network operation.

Capital City of Warsaw

The Capital City of Warsaw plans and implements a number of projects aimed at mitigating climate change and increasing energy security. Cooperation with partners such as NODES and Stoen Operator can give the local administration a set of new smart tools to develop these activities. The Capital City of Warsaw is convinced that municipalities will play an increasingly important role in the energy transformation process – explains Robert Bański, Director of the Infrastructure Office of the City of Warsaw.


NODES is the independent marketplace for a sustainable energy future where grid owners, producers, and consumers of energy can trade decentralized flexibility and energy. NODES, as an independent market operator, is addressing key trends and challenges in the energy system such as increased share of renewable power production, decentralized generation, and the rapid change of customer behavior.