Enova grants Euroflex 100 million NOK to make the power grid more efficient.

Seven of Norway’s largest grid companies are joining forces on a large-scale project to make better use of the power grid. Enova has now allocated NOK 100 million to the innovation project Euroflex, which has a financial framework of NOK 250 million.

Rune Hogga, CEO of Å Energi Fleksibilitet, says that the participants in Euroflex will explore technology, solutions, and business models for how we can better utilize free capacity in the power grid. The aim is to get the most out of the existing power grid and reduce the need to build new ones.

“We are electrifying society to reach the climate targets and will use much more electricity in the coming years. To make that happen, we must make better use of the grid”, says Hogga.

The idea is to establish a commercial market for trading flexibility. Through the project, the network companies will pay customers to disconnect parts of their electricity consumption when they need to free up space in the network. In this way, participating electricity customers can have their electricity bill reduced. The transactions take place automatically via a common trading platform. 

“This funding will enable Norway to accelerate development of flexibility services as we seek to create a more efficient electricity grid. NODES is excited to be part of such an important initiative and we are looking forward to working with all the participants to make Euroflex a success”, says Richard Sarti CEO of NODES.

The grid companies in the Euroflex project are BKK, Tensio, Linja, Fagne, Norgesnett, Glitre Nett and Elvia. Other participants are Statnett, Å Energi Fleksibilitet, Elhub, Elbits, Baseline Energy and NODES. In total, the grid companies supply electricity to two-thirds of Norway’s electricity customers.

Big challenge

The state own Enova is key in Norway’s transition to a low-emission society. Enova provides financial support for investment and development of new green technology. Euroflex is the biggest flexibility project that Enova has funded to date. In 2023, Enova supported 32 projects to utilise the power grid more efficiently. A total of NOK 464 million was granted.

“We are aware of the challenges we face. That is why we have chosen to prioritise support for projects that contribute to more power for everyone. It is important for Enova to support projects that demonstrate innovative technology and solutions in practice”, says Nils Kristian Nakstad, CEO of Enova.

A brilliant example

Minister of climate and environment, Andreas Bjelland Eriksen (Lab.) says more solutions are needed that can help reduce the load on the internet.

“We are experiencing all over the country that limitations in local grid capacity prevent the implementation of important industrial projects and climate measures. We therefore need more solutions that can quickly contribute to reducing the load on the network”, says Bjelland Eriksen.

“Euroflex is a brilliant example of such a solution, and it is good that Enova’s support can contribute to the realisation of such projects”, he says.