Market Metering Service (MMS)

The Market Metering Service (MMS) is a state-of-the-art service available on the cloud as part of the NODES™ Platform to maintain asset registry and corresponding metering information for flexibility assets.

Experience unparalleled performance. The new MMS ensures swift data retrieval, even under heavy portfolio loads, guaranteeing seamless operations for critical tasks like settlements

System operators or an FSP, enjoy unparalleled meter reading upload capabilities. From portfolio to asset levels, and resolutions as fine as 1, 5, 30, or 60-minute intervals including the capability of handling instantaneous Values.

Tailor each Portfolio to the precise aggregation level for submitting meter data. Choose from three distinct levels: Asset, Portfolio, or Smart Meters ID: Opt for system operator-driven meter data uploads.

Empower diverse data uploads by Asset, Portfolio, or MPID, and activate MMS for seamless Baseline generation.

In the NODES™ platform, you can explore meter data effortlessly with our intuitive interface. Simply select the aggregation level, choose your desired date and interval, and then visualize data instantly in Table or Chart format.

As a system operator or an FSP, you can export meter data effortlessly with our intuitive interface or via the API. Simply select the aggregation level, choose your desired date and interval, and then export the data required.

The NODES Platform is designed based on Microsoft best practices and utilizes a wide range of services from Azure to handle security challenges and comply with security requirements.

Scalable market design, customer-friendly services, and an architecture developed to scale as the markets mature.

The cloud-based service with privacy by design ensures the data is kept according to the privacy rules of respective markets.