Local and regional flexibility markets are continuing to pick up steam! 

Geir Magne Abusdal from Glitre Nett and Svein Jørgen Sønning from NODES shared learnings from Norway at Distributech in Orlando, flavoured with examples from Richard Sarti, CEO at NODES and John Avdolous, President & CEO at Essex Power Corporation on how Essex Powerlines and NODES are establishing a DSO flexibility market in Ontario based on local and European experience.  

Svein Jørgen also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Dr. Andrea Nuesser of Hydro One, Samira Viswanathan of Powerconsumer Inc., and Brennan Louw of Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to discuss our perspectives on finding value with DSOs and local energy markets. Key takeaways were customer engagement, grid awareness and visibility, technology as an enabler and ways of scaling local markets. 

NODESmarket is devoted to contributing with our state-of-the-art technology and expertise to support the flexibility journey of utilities, flex service providers and partners. The future will require investments in poles and wires, but it is equally important to ensure that we have concepts and technology to utilize the capacity we already have.