NODES™ Research & Consulting

NODES™ team brings a depth of knowledge and broad experience in establishing local flexibility markets.

Benefits of our expertise

As a flexibility market operator, NODES™ has been working for several years to establish local flexibility markets in various parts of the world. NODES™ team has been offering services ranging from European Horizon projects, national projects, and collaboration on regulatory aspects for the energy flexibility industry.

R&D Projects


CINELDI is a Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research, financed by The Research Council of Norway and the partners in the project. CINELDI develops the electricity grid of the future. CINELDI works towards digitalising and modernising the electricity distribution grid for higher efficiency, flexibility and resilience. CINELDI enables a cost-efficient realisation of the future flexible and robust electricity distribution grid.

Data Cellar

Data Cellar aims to develop a federated energy data space with an integrated data-sharing ICT Platform according to European standards regarding system interoperability security, data quality, privacy, and scalability.


NODES market platform and services will be connected to the OPENTUNITY ecosystem to test the feasibility and interoperability of the ecosystem setup and test the potential of a flexibility markets and market coordination in Spain, Switzerland and Greece considering the market-specific requirements and the national regulatory framework.


A LEM enables dispatch for distribution system capacity and operating flexibility services to support the safe, reliable, resilient, and efficient operation of the distribution system.

CINELDI – Linja – Bremanger

As part of the Norwegian CINELDI FME project Linja AS (former SFE NETT AS) was piloting a NODES ShortFlex market for Bremanger during 2020-2021.


The UMEI (Universal Market Enabling Interface) is based on an agnostic, adaptable, and modular combination of different APIs to enable DSOs and Flexibility Service Providers (FSPs) to connect to multiple flexibility market platforms while limiting system integration efforts and costs. NODESmarket connected via the UMEI was tested by the DSOs MITNETZ STROM in Germany, E-REDES in Portugal, and ENERGA-OPERATOR S.A. in Poland.


NODES provided the perspective of the local flexibility market operator discussing the different approaches, market rules and market clearing algorithms as well as relation to other markets and shared insights from several projects across Europe.

Market Design

NODES™ consulting allows you to understand the NODES™ Market Design and see the benefits of not locking into one platform, one aggregator, one buyer or one technical solution. NODES™ is designed with a clear definition of roles. NODES™ offers integration both on the horizontal level from the flexibility asset to the grid company, and on the vertical level from low voltage to the transmission grid.

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Use-cases enabled by NODES™

A virtual fuse contract

In winter, there is a challenge in cold climate areas between certain specific times when the load is high, and power peaks in the electricity grid can appear. The peak in the grid can cause high stress to the electricity network. By capping electricity consumption between certain specific times when the load is high, power peaks in the electricity grid can be reduced.

NODES™ demonstrates ease of market set-up using the UK Power Networks Open Data Portal

UK Power Networks has developed an Open Data Portal. This video demonstrates how easy it is to set up the NODES™ marketplace in the UKPN license area

sthlmflex: Market-based TSO-DSO coordination through regional flexibility market

Svenska kraftnät, Ellevio, and Vattenfall Eldistribution have launched sthlmflex to test a regional flexibility market in the Stockholm area to bridge the capacity gap that can be experienced during winter months.

FlexLab: Operating reservation contracts in the activation market

Operating reservation contracts in the activation market.

IntraFlex: Trading flexibility closer to real-time

Operating closer to real-time should allow new participants to access the markets whilst key features such as a day ahead information services, as well as an auto-rebalancing function to the intra-day market,

NorFlex: making local flexibility available to Transmission System Operator (TSO) – mFRR market

Enabling local flexibility available to Transmission System Operator (TSO) – mFRR market in Norway. A sequential market for TSO-DSO coordination.

Smart Senja: Managing growth in the fishing industry

Senja is sparsely populated, and reinforcing the grid is an expensive and lengthy process. NODES participate with NODES platform and market operator in the project.

Mitnetz: Renewable curtailment alternative

Instead of shutting down the windmills, the flexibility of a nearby industrial facility is activated to absorb the excess wind power.

Engene: Grid investment deferral

Å Energi (previously known as Agder Energi) and Microsoft teamed up to demonstrate how flexibility can be used to defer grid…