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Capacity Flex Arrangement (CFA)


Power production from renewable energy generation, such as wind and solar, is exposed to weather conditions. In addition to well-known challenges because of their intermittent nature, periods of high renewable generation can lead to local and regional grid congestions due to limited grid capacity. System operators in affected regions may be obliged to curtail the renewable energy to stabilize the grid and use more expensive and non-intermittent fossil energy sources to balance production with energy demand.

By using Capacity Flex ArrangementsTM (CFAs), System Operators can offer available grid capacity to Operators of Wind, Solar and other Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to avoid curtailments and increase the share of renewable energy in the grid.  


System Operators use Dynamic Line Rating to define the available thermal capacity for overhead power lines due to weather and environmental conditions.

System Operators offer flexible capacity through a Sell order on NODESTM flexibility market indicating location, time, volume and price.

Operators of generation assets can respond by submitting a corresponding Buy order.

CFA can be purchased through NODESTM products for reservation and activation.

NODESTM manages the Validation and Settlement of the transaction.

FCA Benefits

Cost effective use of DERs.

Optimised grid capacity management.

Increased share of renewables connected to the grid.

Reduced need for grid expansion. Increase the use of existing grid.