• Innovative Star of Energy Efficiency

    Congratulations to Agder Energi and Microsoft for receiving the prize Innovative Star of Energy Efficiency awarded by Alliance to Save…
  • Avregningskonferansen 2018

    Edvard Lauen at NODES presented the concept at Statnett Avregningskonferanse in Oslo, 20 – 21. september 2018.
  • Smartgridkonferansen 2018

    NODES at Smartgridkonferansen in Trondheim, 11. September 2018.  Rune Hogga spoke about “Technology and business model that enables a flexibility market”.
  • Montel Nordic Energy Days

    NODES are proud to sponsor the Montel Nordic Energy Days in Oslo, 22 – 23. August 2018.
  • The Smarter E Conference

    Benedikt Deuchert presented NODES – a new marketplace for decentral flexibility.
  • Solar Plaza Energy Flexibility Forum

    Hans Arild Bredesen from NODES @ Solar Plaza Energy Flexibility Forum, 11. – 12. June 2018.
  • Montel Finnish Energy Day

    Marianne Wergeland Jenssen, Market Director Nord Pool and Board Member NODES presented “New market place to trade flexibility”.
  • Agder Energi konferansen

    Marianne Wergeland Jenssen from Nord Pool gave the audience a glimpse into why Nord Pool invest in NODES at Agder Energi…
  • Nordic Clean Energy Week

    NODES @ Nordic Clean Energy Week in Malmø/Copenhagen, 21. – 25. May 2018.  Rune Hogga participated in the panel debate on: Smart grids – Unlocking the renewable future.
  • Montel Nordiske Prisdrivere

    Hallstein Hagen from NODES and Victoria Fearnley Landmark from Enfo presented at Montel Nordiske Prisdrivere, 18. – 19. April 2018.…
  • IEA-DSM and Enova Seminar

    Hallstein Hagen presented NODES at International Energy Agency – Demand Side Management programme and Enova SF seminar in Bergen 16.…
  • Energi Norge, Vinterkonferansen 2018

    Victoria Fearnley Landmark presented at Vinterkonferansen, 12. April 2018. She spoke about experiences with flexibility from Germany and Norway.