sthlmflex continues winter 22-23

Flexibility Service Providers (SPs) with assets in Greater Stockholm are invited to express interest in participation in sthlmflex winter 22-23.

The Distribution System Operators, Vattenfall Eldistribution, Ellevio and E.ON Energidistribution, will be buying flexibility in NODES’ hourly near term market (ShortFlex) and through tenders for seasonal contracts (LongFlex). SPs that post offers in the ShortFlex market can also receive ShortFlex Availability compensation certain days. After the ShortFlex market closes each day, flexibility that remains can participate in the Transmission System Operator’s, Svenska kraftnät’s, manual frequency restoration reserve (mFRR) market.

SPs are asked to complete the expression of interest by 31 August 2022. Note that SPs who participated in 2021-22 do not need to complete the expression of interest form.

sthlmflex – Expression of Interest 22-23