SmartSenja adds storage asset to the project

Arva AS announced on 25. February that they have sign an agreement to purchase Norway’s latest battery as part of the Smart Senja project.

The Smart Senja project is owned by Arva AS and is put together by both local and national actors, from industry to academia. Smart Senja is one of eight large-scale demo projects that received support from ENOVA in 2019 within the program «Future energy systems». The goal for Smart Senja is to identify and test smart solutions that can tackle power network challenges on northern Senja, and that may be relevant for other places with similar challenges.

The partners in the project are Br. Karlsen, Nergård AS, Arva AS, Tromskraft Produksjon AS, Ishavskraft, UiT Norwegian Arctic University, Enfo, NODES AS, Powel AS, Eaton Electric AS and Solbes AS.