NODES embraces guiding principles published by dena

NODES embraces the guiding principles for facilitating the use of flexibility in the electricity grid which have been published by the German Energy Agency dena on the 24th of January in the context of the “Netzflex” initiative. These guiding principles outline the various economic and political aspects to be considered to initiate flexibility solutions and will serve as a foundation for regulatory measures to remove obstacles in the development of concrete flexibility use cases.

NODES has been a member of the “Netzflex” initiative from the start. “We need to make most out of the available flexibility potential in order to be prepared for the increasing challenges in our grid“, says Benedikt Deuchert, who is the NODES delegate to the initiative. “The Netzflex initiative clearly points out that we need an adequate regulatory framework for the operation of local flexibility markets in near-term to achieve this goal“, he adds.