JRC report on Local Electricity Flexibility Markets in Europe

EU’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published a report reviewing some of the main projects on developing flexibility markets in Europe.

NODES (as an independent market operator) operates, verify and settles transactions in three of the projects/markets analysed.

The analysis focuses on cases aiming primarily on the provision of local flexibility services to Distribution System Operators through market-based instruments and the role of regulation in promoting the use of flexibility.

Specifically, the following projects/markets have been reviewed where in parenthesis the country in which have been developed:

  • Sthlmflex (Sweden)
  • IntraFlex (UK)
  • NorFlex (Norway)
  • GOPACS (the Netherlands)
  • Enera Flexmarkt (Germany)
  • GB flexibility tenders by DSOs (UK)
  • ENEDIS flexibility tenders (France)

The following aspects are examined in more detail: Pre-qualification procedures, specification of flexibility products, the trading mechanism, and activation and settlement. Whenever possible information on traded volumes and prices has been gathered. Common characteristics as well as differences between the reviewed local flexibility markets are discussed, while current trends and challenges for the future are identified.

You can download a copy of the report from JRC Publication Repository web site.