True Energy’s local battery solution approved for automatic trading on NODES

Delivering flexibility to electricity grid owners becomes even easier thanks to the close integration between NODESmarket platform and True Energy’s “Local Battery” solution.

True Energy’s electric vehicle (EV) platform aggregates EV cars into a joint, big, geo-tagged pool of power that can be used by local grid owners. Our solution enables all EV car owners to participate in providing flexibility and load balancing to the energy grid without losing any comfort or range of their EVs. For grid owners, this pool can be accessed and traded as a flexible buffer which enables a range of advantages.

With True Energy’s new “Local Battery” solution, a grid owner can select local areas, down to a single road, and plan to leverage the flexibility of the EV cars in the area. The system also has an emergency fault function for the immediate stop of hundreds of EV cars in an area.

Furthermore, DSO can order/buy down-regulation for periods with the risk of grid overload. During these periods, True Energy’s system will turn off charging of all vehicles in the affected area. The switch-off generally only lasts for short periods, meaning that EV owners will not notice any delay in charging times or charging performance.

“The approval and tight integration to NODES means that we can deliver and trade EV car flexibility instantly. That is a huge benefit for all parts of the electricity value chain,” Charlotte Sand, CEO and founder of True Energy, says, adding:  “Thanks to our indirect model, this opens up new opportunities for local electricity companies, who can use our rebranded app to sign up EV cars, and with NODES as the trading platform we are ready to go!”