Essex Powerlines, a midsized utility located in Southwestern Ontario, will be demonstrating how a utility can operate as a Distribution System Operator (DSO) by implementing a near real-time, local flexibility market in its service territory. This utility’s shift to a DSO model is made possible with partners NODES, Essex Energy, and Utilismart.

Southwest Ontario’s electricity demand is expected to increase from 500 MW to 2,300 MW by 2035. This project (PowerShare) has the potential to address this increased need for electricity. PowerShare will provide distribution-level grid flexibility, affordability, and reliability to customers. Participants will include new and existing Distributed Energy Resource owners in the Agriculture & Manufacturing industry within Leamington, ON service territory.

PowerShare is made possible through the financial support of the Independent Electricity System Operator’s Grid Innovation Fund.

The Ontario Energy Board Innovation Sandbox is providing customized guidance to Essex Powerlines, NODES and partners to test an innovative business model that has the potential to help meet distribution system needs.

To participate as a Flexibility Service Provider (FSP)

  • To find out more about the steps to participate, please visit PowerShare’s webpage

Market Overview

A summary of key information on the market

Market Opens

26th of September 2023

FSP sign-up deadline

Continous on-boarding

Available Products



Trading details

A summary of grid needs and minimum bid size

Grid need

Demand turn-down, Generation turn-up

Minimum quantity

0.001 MW (1 kW)*

*may be delivered by aggregated assets

Quantity granularity

0.01 MW (10 kW)

Gate closure time

2 hours and 5 minutes before physical delivery