NODES proud partner of EUniversal

The upgrade of electricity grids is vital in order to ensure long-term energy security. Thus, the transformation of the energy system into a new multi-energy and multi-consumer concept is top priority on the EU agenda. The EUniversal project will enable the transformation of the electricity grid by resolving existing limitations in the energy system through the introduction of a universal market enabling interface (UMEI). This will ensure that grids become capable of accommodating future scenarios. The project’s aim is a new multi-energy and multi-consumer concept guaranteeing sustainable, secure and stable electricity supply.

EUniversal project is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project coordinated by EDP Distribuição in Portugal.  The consortium consists of 18 different European companies and institutions to bundle their expertise and to provide valuable solutions for upcoming problems related to this energy transition. Various technologies as well as research results of recent and ongoing Horizon 2020 projects will be implemented to develop a universal market enabling interface (UMEI) that intelligently combines the main pillars of the future energy markets, ie. flexibility solutions and smart grid solutions to implement them with regard to the standard and new market mechanisms, products and market platforms.

NODES will provide its expertise to support the development of the (UMEI). Furthermore, NODES will provide its local flexibility market platform in three different pilots to test the developed solutions for practicability, applicability and feasibility in each country and market-specific context:

  • Portugal: UMEI as management tool of market driven flexibility services in the LV and MV grid
  • Germany: UMEI for congestion management using market-driven flexibility in LV networks
  • Poland: UMEI for the purpose of grid observability and monitoring and future networks for flexibility management

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