NODES features prominently in several projects in ENTSO-E review of flexibility platforms

NODES, as an independent market operator, features prominently in several of the project reviewed in the report published by ENTSO-E.

In the ‘’Review of Flexibility Platforms’’ ENTSO-E and Frontier Economics have investigated eight platforms which cover a broad range of governance, functional and design characteristics. The report explains the specificities of their use cases but also identifies common trends and challenges that impede their development.

You can download the report from the ENTSO-E website.

The NODESmarket is currently operated by NODES in three of the eight projects investigated in the report:

  • IntraFlex (UK)
  • sthlmflex (Sweden)
  • NorFlex (Norway)

In addition NODES is operating, or in the prosess of setting up, local flexibility market in:

  • EUniversal (Poland, Germany, Portugal)
  • Smart Senja (Norway)
  • CINELDI (Norway)
  • Göteborg Energi Nät (Sweden)