JämtFlex is a local market in Jämtland, where Jämtkraft Elnät will purchase flexibility services for both up- and down regulation of demand and generation. The market will open on 8th January 2024. Through this project, Jämtkraft Elnät is taking a proactive role in meeting the challenges that will be facing the distribution grid in the energy transition.

During winter 2023/24 Jämtkraft Elnät will be buying flexibility on NODES market platform:

  • Hourly products on a day ahead and intraday basis in the ShortFlex™ market;
  • On certain days, the network operators will call for reservation of flexibility;
  • Seasonal availability products, that consist both of an activation and an availability price, through a LongFlex™ tender.

Follow the steps below to participate as an FSP in the Jämtflex market.

  • Register your Flexibility Service Provider (FSP) organization on the NODES™ Platform
  • Accept NODES Rulebook, including the Market Specific Schedule for JämtFlex, by signing the NODES™ Membership Agreement.
  • Further details of the steps FSPs need to take to participate can be found here (in Swedish).

Market Overview

A summary of key information on the market

Market Opens

8th of January 2024

FSP sign-up deadline

30th of November 2024 for FSPs that want to participate from January 2024.

Continous on-boarding after market 8th January 2024.

Available Products



Trading details

A summary of grid needs and minimum bid size

Grid need

Demand turn-down, Generation turn-up

Demand turn-up, Generation turn-down

Minimum quantity

0.3 MW (30 kW)*

*may be delivered by aggregated assets

Quantity granularity

0.01 MW (10 kW)

Gate closure time

2 hours before physical delivery