IntraFlex webinar 24.11.20

Please join us for the next IntraFlex Webinar on:

November 24 from 10 am – 11 am.

Following the conclusion of our Phase 1 trials, we would like to share our experiences and learning from our IntraFlex project and our plans for the next trials in spring 2021.

IntraFlex is a Network Innovation Allowance funded project where WPD has been buying flexibility in a continuous, close to real-time market operated by NODES, with the support of Smart Grid Consultancy. This ground breaking work started in 2019 with the design and build a bespoke service to meet the specific needs of the growing appetite for DNOs and Flexibility Providers to be able to trade in a more dynamic manner. The first operational phase of the project ran during August and September this year and aimed to provide us with a basic understanding of how this type of market can work. A second, larger scale phase will run in 2021 and aims to build on the learnings from phase 1. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to both share the learning we have gathered to date and garner feedback from the wider market to ensure that we continue to maximise the opportunity and create enduring benefits to the industry.

More information on the IntraFlex project is available on WPD’s website.