NODES flexibility market

NODES provide a neutral marketplace for trading local flexibility and offer both trading and financial settlement services.


NODES enable DSO’s to model congested grid areas and publish them as local markets in the NODES market platform.

When a local market is created, suppliers of flexibility can register their flexible assets and offer ramp down or ramp up of consumption or production to the DSO to alleviate local bottleneck.

By establishing local flexibility markets DSO’s can keep grid costs down and utilize the grid more effectively while still maintaining security of supply.

Flexibility providers

Aggregators, power suppliers or technology companies who can control consumption or production units can sell consumption/production ramp up or ramp down to local DSO’s.

By utilizing NODES link to TSO balancing markets, flexibility can be sold to TSO’s when there are no local bottlenecks.

TSO - DSO coordination

NODES market platform enables local flexibility markets to be coupled to TSO balancing markets.

As the grid gets smarter and penetration of production from distributed energy resources like wind and solar increases, power system operations becomes more complex and there becomes an increased need for coordination between TSO and DSO. By utilizing NODES market information about local bottlenecks at DSO level, TSO’s and DSO’s can coordinate activation of flexible assets via the NODES market platform.