Euroflex strengthens the team

Lnett AS joins Euroflex

Grid company Lnett becomes a partner in the Euroflex project and contributes to a strong team becoming even stronger.

Lnett currently serves 164,000 customers in Stavanger, Sandnes and seven other municipalities in South Rogaland in Norway. With Lnett’s entry, Euroflex is approaching 30 partners, of which eight are grid companies, covering over two-thirds of Norway’s electricity customers. Together, they will develop a commercial marketplace for trading flexibility in the power grid.

Rune Hogga is the leader of the steering group for the project, which was started by Å Energi. He is happy that Lnett has joined.

“We have now managed to bring together some of the country’s largest grid companies who will work together to develop a more robust and flexible power grid. Rogaland is an exciting power region with many service and technology providers pushing to accelerate the electrification of society”, says Hogga.

Rune Hogga, CEO Å Energi Fleksibilitet AS (Photo: Å Energi)

Necessary adjustment

Trond Winther is CEO. in Lnett. He says that the pioneering work currently underway at Euroflex is an important contribution to securing future electricity supply. Lnett wants to be part of that.

“We will test out flexibility to see what benefits this can bring for our customers, and how it can contribute to better utilization of the power grid. In Euroflex, we get access to what could become the market place for Norway in the future. By connecting now, we can gain a lot of practical learning that will make us better able to participate in flexibility markets when they are rolled out”, says Winther.

Trond Winter, CEO Lnett (Photo: Lnett)

In South Rogaland, too, there are currently bottlenecks in the power grid, and in some places larger business customers are waiting for the green light to connect to the grid. Winther believes that this can be resolved if, in dialogue with business customers, flexibility solutions can be found that free up space in the network on the coldest days and hours.

Strengthens the project

Marie Seltveit Haugen is a senior adviser for product and energy production at Enova. She is very positive about Lnett joining forces with Euroflex’s other partners.

“We are pleased to note that Euroflex now covers such large parts of online Norway. We believe that the solutions the project is working on will be important to ensure enough effect for the green transition. We are excited about the results from Euroflex”, says Haugen.

Link to Lnett AS press release (in Norwegian)

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