Euroflex expanding NODESmarket in Norway

In Euroflex, Å Energi, NODES, and two of the largest distribution grid companies in Norway; Elvia and Glitre Nett demonstrate on a large scale how it is possible to relieve the power grid. The grid license areas includes over 1.3 million electricity customers.

“Euroflex project is instrumental in the development of the flexibility market and its adoption in Norway. NODES is excited to be part of the project to build on the trust, experience, and value creation for DSOs based on the previous experience of the Norflex project,” says Richard Sarti

Elvia as the largest grid operator in Norway will include the following license area in the NODES platform for flexibility trading.

Glitre Nett will have the following license areas available for flexibility trading as part of the Euroflex project.

In reference to the Å Energi article on Euroflex (in Norwegian), a comment by Rune Hogga, head of Digital business development at Å Energi states:

“We have already demonstrated in the Norflex project the value and role of flexible consumption, and how it works with our trading solution in practice. We have conveyed 1,100 MWh of electricity load, corresponding to the annual consumption of nearly 70 households, and carried out 25,000 flexibility activations. Over 6,000 electric car chargers in the region have been connected and can now supply flexibility to the power grid if needed, says Hogga.”

In the Euroflex project, the area is extended to the entire network regions in Agder and Buskerud, as well as the central-eastern region. Altogether, it includes 1.3 million electricity customers. NOK 25 million through ENOVA-support for the Euroflex project will enable energy flexibility solutions that can relieve the power grid during peak congested hours and enhance connection capacity.

Euroflex has extended an open invitation to all grid companies in Norway to participate and prepare for the new DSO role.