Eurelectric Power Summit 2019

Enno Böttcher, CEO of NODES,  represented NODES in a panel discussion at Eurelectric Power Summit 2019 in Florence 20-21 May 2019.

The poll amongst the audience after the debate showed that more than 70 % believe there will be new local flexibility markets in the near future.  Promising poll for NODES!

New leadership

New concepts, new business models, new perspectives. Tomorrow is in everyone’s hands. Of all those who believe, dream and project a better world. Those who bring us a more sustainable and trustworthy world to live in. Those who are ready to power tomorrow.

In the focus at the event:
New Leaders: Adapt. Innovate. Transform. Who will have the agility and take the responsibility to pave the way to a net zero emissions society by 2050?
Leading Customers: The core of the energy system. What does power to the people really mean? What does it take for a company to be able to respond to changing customer expectations?
Leading Service Providers: New players will continue to emerge. Explore cutting-edge business models and harness the potential of new technologies, fueled by digitalisation and decentralisation trends. All with a costumer and service oriented angle.
Leading Technologies: Can competition from large energy and tech players turn challenges into opportunities? Will innovation in generation, storage, digital solutions and e-fuels lead the way?