Enlit – Initiate! – IRENA webinar: 30 innovations for renewable-powered future

On 26th of August 2020,  Enlit, Initiate! and IRENA hosted a webinar discussing how the 30 innovations identified by IRENA in its “Innovation landscape for a renewable-powered future” project are accelerating the energy transition.

The webinar stressed the importance of a systemic innovation approach, meaning fostering innovation in four dimensions: enabling technologies, business models, market design and system operation. The role of those innovations were discussed in the context of the ongoing disruptive trends in the power sector: 1) digitalisation, 2) decentralisation and 3) electrification. These trends are changing paradigms, unlocking system flexibility for a high share of VRE penetration. They are changing the roles and responsibilities of actors and opening doors to new entrants in the sector.

Expert presentations were followed by a panel discussion.

Speakers and panel participants:

  • Annagret Groebel, Director of International Relations at the German Regulatory Authority BNetzA; President CEER
  • Dolf Gielen, Director Innovation and Technology, IRENA
  • Enno Böttcher, CEO, NODES
  • João Torres, CEO, EDP Distribuição
  • Maher Chebbo, Co-Chair of the ETIP SNET Digital Energy
  • Mark McGranaghan, Vice-President Innovation, Electric Power Research Institute
  • Michele Governatori, Professor of Environmental Economics and Resource Economics, University Suor Orsola Benincasa
  • Norela Constantinescu, Manager Research & Innovation, ENTSO-E
  • Vaitea Cowan, Co-Founder, Enapter