Enfo signs up to NODES new partnership program – NODESconnect

NODES is the independent marketplace for a sustainable energy future where grid owners, producers and consumers of energy can trade decentralised flexibility and energy.  As an independent market operator, NODES is addressing key trends and challenges in the energy system such as increased share of renewable power production, decentralised generation and the rapid change of the customer behaviour.

NODES has launched its new technology partner program, NODESconnect, to encourage collaboration in creating local sustainable flexibility markets in the energy sector.

ENFO AS, a leading Norwegian technology company, provides flextools and other services that enables aggregators and energy suppliers to connect to NODES and existing TSO markets.

As a NODESconnect Partner, ENFO is committed to maintain connectivity to NODES APIs and to help their customers optimise the use of their assets under management offering flexibility on NODES.

As a market operator which facilitates the trading of flexibility between DSOs and Flexible service providers, NODES has been developing a partnership program which seeks to support technology companies who are keen to integrate their services into our market design.

Richard Sarti, Marketing and Sales Director of NODES says “partnerships, such as the one we have created with ENFO are important as we seek to develop a collaborative approach when creating flexibility markets. We hope that this is the first of many partnerships, as we seek to develop a new market design which is better served to include more flexibility assets in order to alleviate grid congestion”.

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