Effekthandel Väst

Effekthandel Väst is a local market in the Gothenburg region, where Göteborg Energi Nät and Mölndal Energi Nät buy flexibility services as ShortFlex products.

Effekthandel Väst is planned to be active from late November 2022 to the end of March 2023. Both DSOs will buy flexibility as ShortFlex products.

This follows Effekthandel Västs’s first trading season, which ran from January to March 2022.

To participate as a Flexibility Service Provider (FSP):

  • Discuss baselines and meter data with Göteborg Energi Nät or Mölndal Energi Nät, to determine whether the FSP will use the NODES’ standard baseline or calculate its own and to determine whether the FSP will rely on meter data from Göteborg Energi Nät’s meters or submit meter data from the FSP’s own sub-meters.
  • Submit the FSP Registration form .
  • Accept NODES Rulebook, including the Market Specific Schedule for Effekthandel Väst, by signing NODES Membership Agreement. Submit the signed Agreement by email to member.services@nodesmarket.com.

Further details of the steps FSPs need to take to participate can be found here.

A summary of the market specific rules that apply to Effekthandel Väst can be found here.