Delta-ee New Energy Summit 2019 – Amsterdam 2019

How demand response and energy storage are shaping local energy markets in Europe – is the theme for the session that Enno Büttcher, CEO of NODES, is contributing to at Delta-ee New Energy Summit in Amsterdam 28.-29.5.2019

Local energy markets are an integral part of the new energy world, as we move towards a distributed energy landscape, where localised demand response and energy storage are key enablers. With an increasing creation of market platforms from a variety of stakeholders and increasing DSO activity with these technologies, cutting through the noise is difficult.

The key questions the industry is asking, such as:

  • What is the difference between the variety of platforms?
  • How many platforms will monetise demand response in the future?
  • Will the different platforms co-exist or consolidate?
  • Who will win?
  • What do we need to do now?
  • We will explore these questions and more.

were covered by the panel, where Enno Böttcher, CEO of NODES participated.