Cleanwatts joins the NODESconnect programme

At NODES we are passionate about creating a more sustainable future, we do this by redefining the electricity market design and working with like minded organisations and innovators. The NODESconnect program enables technology companies to seamlessly connect to our system, gain access to our test environment and develop new ideas and concepts as well as work with us on various projects.

We are extremely proud to welcome Cleanwatts to the NODESconnect program. Cleanwatts’ mission is to simplify, amplify and accelerate energy decarbonization for clients around the world. Cleanwatts combines the power of digital and industrial technology with deep domain expertise in clean energy systems, advanced analytics, and renewables project financing to help clients reap the benefits of the global energy transition through energy efficiency services and access to affordable clean energy.

“Cleanwatts team is excited and energized about entering this partnership with NODES. Combining the competences and strengths of Cleanwatts and NODES in terms of energy systems, software development, digital services, operations management, we are able to transform the complexity inherent in the energy transition into a simple value proposition for our customers: clean, smart, locally sourced energy and at a lower price than the grid”- says José Queirós de Almeida, Cleanwatts CMO.

”NODES is pleased to be working with Cleanwatts and to recognise them as a partner as part of our NODESconnect program. Working with companies like Cleanwatts is extremely important in developing the energy system for the future, where technology and innovation will allow us to realise the digitalisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation of our society”. – says Richard Sarti, Director Marketing and Sales, NODES.

Cleanwatts was founded in 2020 through the incorporation of Virtual Power Solutions (VPS) and several startups operating in the area of digitalized energy management. The company’s mission is to simplify, amplify and accelerate energy decarbonization for clients around the world. Cleanwatts achieves this by focusing on two vectors that drive financial, environmental and social benefit for its clients: smart energy efficiency delivered as a service and affordable clean energy also offered as a service. Cleanwatts currently manages more than 2TWh in over 2000 locations across various industries, international airports and local communities.

Cleanwatts offerings are designed to reduce operating expenses, complexity, volatility and unpredictability in respect of energy procurement, consumption, generation, storage, balancing and trading. The company delivers its services through a suite of wing-to-wing proprietary software platforms that allow clients to manage, optimize and control energy use in real time, from behind the meter applications to front of the meter balancing services. Acting as a smart utility, the company also offers zero capex solutions that deliver affordable clean energy to local communities through multi-year service contracts.