OpenFlex, OpenGrid, OpenAbility – one year of the Opentunity Project

OPENTUNITY (OPENing the electricity ecosystem to multiple actors in order to have a real decarbonization opporTUNITY) is co-funded by the EU under the LCE Policy Support Programme (HORIZON-CL5 2022-D3-01) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (grant agreement No 101096333). The OPENTUNITY ecosystem serves as a digital environment to facilitate leading technology solutions and services, data exchange and communication among various actors in the energy sector, and ultimately to improve the efficiency of the electricity system. The improvements apply to the electricity grids themselves and to active prosumers – whatever their size.

OPENTUNITY  aims to support important actors of the energy system, such as Distribution System Operators (DSOs), Transmission System Operators (TSOs), Prosumers, Flexibility Service Providers (FSPs) among others providing user-specific services and innovative methodologies backed by advanced and interoperable software modules.

Opentunity aims to create an energy ecosystem that:

  • Increases flexibility of prosumers and simplifies the requirements to offer this flexibility to system operators.
  • Supports technologies for distribution system operators and transmission system operators to optimize their grid management to better tackle the grid problems of today and tomorrow.
  • Provide a secure and reliable data exchange among stakeholders through the utilization of standards.
  • To ultimately ensure the interoperability of the different systems.

Integrating these technology solutions into the Opentunity ecosystem increases the flexibility of prosumer environments and helps grid operators to manage their grids while dealing with the increased share of RES and new load patterns as a result of the increasing electrification and digitalisation of the society and public services.

NODES as a flexibility market and leading technology solutions provider is part of this ecosystem establishing flexibility markets and market solutions as well as products and services in the different pilot sites in Europe:

  • Spain with ANELL (DSO) and Estabanell (FSP)
  • Switzerland with AEM (DSO) and SUPSI (FSP)
  • Greece together with HEDNO (DSO), IPTO (TSO), HyperTech (Aggregator) and ICCS (FSP)

The pilot- and location-specific solutions are developed jointly with the relevant pilot partners and tested in different use cases to examine their applicability and necessary technical and operational adaptions. Ultimately, the developed solutions are aimed at transitioning from the test environment towards commonly used operational products and services.  

Exciting 3 years ahead to dive into the topics of

  • Flexibility markets for grid services
  • Flexibility usage across all grid levels
  • How to become a Flexibility Service Provider (FSP)?
  • TSO-DSO coordination
  • System coordination, interconnection and interoperability, as well as
  • country-specific energy infrastructures and technical and regulatory requirements

to support the Energy Transition on a national and a European level!

Seeing the enormous progress and the excitement of the consortium and pilot partners NODES is thrilled to start the Onboarding and Trading with all pilot partners in Spain, Switzerland and Greece!

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Gesa Milzer

Senior Project Manager
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