Another NODES market goes live – Effekthandel Väst

NODES is pleased to announce that the local flexibility market in Gothenburg, Effekthandel Väst, has started trading.

Effekthandel Väst is planned to be operational winter 21-22 and winter 22-23.  For the first season the local DSO, Göteborg Energi Nät, will be buying flexibility as near term, ShortFlex, products.  The aim for winter 22-23 is to build on learnings from winter 21-22 and expand the trial.

Please refer to our Market Data page for price information.

For information about the Effekthandel Väst project please visit the Göteborg Energi Nät pages (in Swedish)

To participate in this marketplace or to find out more, please contact Sofia Eng, Head of Projects, NODES.