31st EuroPOWER Energy Conference and the OZE Power Congress

Grzegorz Onichimowski, Senior Consultant, NODES where in good company with Rafał Gawin, President, Energy Regulatory Office and Piotr Zawistowski, CEO, Polish Power Exchange (TGE) when presenting and discussing: New structure of the energy sector – a new energy market model at the most important energy event in Poland the 31st EuroPOWER Energy Conference and the OZE Power Congress. 29.-30.06.2020.  This year a fully digital event.

  • Synergy of the local market with the wholesale market is the most important challenge
  • The integrity of the Polish energy market with European markets
  • PEP2040 and the National Plan for Energy and Climate as a signpost for the development of the Polish energy sector. An operational plan, specific tasks, schedules and cost estimates, so-called milestones, monitoring systems and an evaluating system are needed.
  • New business models and the role of traditional energy companies

where discussed under the moderation of Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera, President of the Management Board, Forum Energii