Data Cellar

Data Cellar aims at de developing a federated energy data space with an integrated data sharing ICT Platform according to European standards regarding system interoperability security, data quality, privacy and scalability.

For this purpose, 10 validation cases of existing energy communities serve as a basis to identify common stakeholders within these energy communities, their energy data requirements as well as their allocation in the energy community to further define a harmonized energy data space architecture. In a second step the project aims to create energy data-based services to be offered to the identified stakeholder groups thereby facilitating access to key information and hence to contribute to the energy transition. The “Data Cellar” will ultimately be tested in selected validation cases to proof the functionality of the system architecture and the feasibility of a European federated energy data space. NODES will share its expertise of energy data and data spaces withing the flexibility value chain and ultimately test the Data Cellar within the flexibility market ecosystem.