ShortFlex is flexibility traded close to real-time in a continuous market.

Through the NODES ShortFlex market, flexibility providers can offer their assets into the market where different technologies can compete on a level playing field, ensuring that the DSO is able to buy the right type of flexibility at the lowest price available in the congested area.

For ShortFlex, the DSOs are able to identify congested areas in the different voltage levels of their grid, using the NODES platform they are then able to publicise these congested areas, highlighting the Grid location of the congested area. The flexibility service providers and asset owners are then able to register their assets on our platform and input the type of asset, (i.e. battery) any constraints it may have and its meter point. The asset is then highlighted on the map in the congested area and thus creating the orderbook.

The DSO is then able to publish the price they are willing to pay and the volume they need and the relevant time period its needed in. The flexibility service provider can publish the price and amount of flexibility it is able to offer in the relevant time period. With different types of flexibility competing against each other on price and volume, we create a merit order stack allowing the DSO to buy the type of flexibility it needs at the best price.

Once a trade is matched between the buyer and the seller, NODES will settle the transaction between the two parties, once amount of flexibility delivered has been validated and confirmed by the DSO.

Please submit this form to register for the NODES member area. As a NODES member you will get access to information about upcoming LongFlex tenders. You will be enable you to register basic site and technical information of your assets and confirmation that you have registered for upcoming competition/Invitations To Tender (ITT). This registration does not give you access as a participant to the ShortFlex market. Access to the NODESmarket portal and the ShortFlex market require acceptance and signature of NODES' rule book and appropriate local rules.

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