LongFlex contract are contracts that ensure that a Distribution System Operator (DSO) has flexibility available when it needs it. LongFlex contracts consist of an availability price and an activation price. NODES can assist DSOs in tendering for new contracts.

DSOs publish constraint zone(s), where they are seeking to acquire LongFlex flexibility, on the NODES marketplace map.

In order to participate in the competition to deliver flexibility under the LongFlex contracts, FSPs managing flexibility assets (or Asset Owners), register with NODES.

Following registration with NODES, the FSP will be able to log in to the LongFlex portal and registre basic site and technical information.

NODES will inform registered FSPs of upcoming competitions to allow FSPs to respond to specific Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) required by NODES and the DSO.

Pre Qualified FSPs will receive the Invitation To Tender (ITT), with relevant terms and conditions for the contract, encourage them to submit a bid for LongFlex delivery within the required spesifications with an reservation price and an activation price.

FSPs awarded contract signs up to the rule book as participant of the NODES marketplace and activation of the LongFlex contract will be settled under the ShortFlex market rules.

Registre for the NODES member area to get access to further information.

Please submit this form to register for the NODES member area. As a NODES member you will get access to information about upcoming LongFlex tenders. You will be enable you to register basic site and technical information of your assets and confirmation that you have registered for upcoming competition/Invitations To Tender (ITT). This registration does not give you access as a participant to the ShortFlex market. Access to the NODESmarket portal and the ShortFlex market require acceptance and signature of NODES' rule book and appropriate local rules.

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