The European H2020 project EUniversal aims to overcome the existing limitations in the use of flexibility by DSOs by developing smart grid tools for enhanced distribution grid observability, automation, and control and further facilitating flexibility procurement on various market platforms via a universal market enabling interface (UMEI).

The UMEI is an innovative, agnostic, adaptable, modular interface developed by NODES and N-SIDE as flexibility market platform operators to overcome system-specific challenges, foster interoperability and to allow for flexibility trading on various markets with minimum adaption of the DSO system. The combination of these tools used in the DSO system management together with the market environment form the flexibility value chain from congestion detection to market-based flexibility procurement.  NODES market design within the EUniversal flexibility value chain is tested in three locations across Europe, ie. Portugal, Germany and Poland, ensuring compatibility with each country-specific regulatory framework (Figure 1)


Figure1: EUniversal business use cases per country and market platform