Gesa Milzer

Project Manager

+47 902 29 828

Gesa Milzer is  Project Manager at NODES. She had her first experience with the energy sector at Vattenfall in 2009 where she left after a year to do a PhD in Marine Geology at the CNRS/University of Bordeaux. The intention being to combine her environmental background with her experience in the energy sector, this led her to the domain of power production forecasting at Meteologica in Madrid. As International Business Manager  at Meteoligica, Gesa was in charge of  managing the accounts and commercial activities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, where she dealt with the market-specific requirements around energy forecasting, due to the increasing impact of renewable energy sources. After a sabbatical in Mozambique where she worked as Business Initiative Officer for the Marine Megafauna Foundation. Gesa joined NODES in January 2020.