Smart Senja: Managing growth in the fishing industry

On the beautiful island of Senja in Northern Norway, the local fish industry is growing.  This represents a challenge for Troms Kraft Nett in delivering power capacity to support the growing demand on the island.

Troms Kraft AS will implement a local demonstration project supported by Enova. Troms Kraft Nett, the local DSO, will implement a smart infrastructure that demonstrates how flexibility can be used to secure power supply at a distribution grid level. Senja is sparsely populated, and reinforcing the grid is an expensive and lengthy process. NODES will participate with its NODES marketplace in the project.

Project participants: Troms Kraft Nett AS, Enfo AS, Eaton Electric AS, Powel AS, Solbes AS, NODES AS, Troms Kraft Produksjon, Ishavskraft AS and Sjømatklyngen Senja AS.

Link to Enova press release here.

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