Engene: Grid investment deferral

Agder Energi and Microsoft teamed up to demonstrate how flexibility can be used to defer grid investment in the Smart Grid Pilot Program, an Azure solution, which has been implemented at one of Agder’s substations. Microsoft’s game-changing technology helped Agder identify ways to operate the grid more efficiently through utilization of distributed energy resources, device controls and predictive forecasting – thus avoiding costly and time-consuming energy upgrades. The solution demonstrates an innovative way to use distributed energy resources as flexibility assets in the distribution power system, which allows the power company to meet demands and avoid costly outages.

Tom Nysted, CEO of Agder Energi, said: “The Smart Grid Pilot Program will transform the way we operate the power system and interact with customers while saving money and energy in the process. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Microsoft and working to replicate this technology on a broader scale.”

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