Dr.-Ing. Daniel Engebrecht from Mitnetz Ström received Best Paper Award at the ETG Kongress in Esslingen 08-09. May 2019.  The document documented: “Demonstration of a Market-based CongestionManagement using a FlexibilityMarket in Distribution Networks” – documenting result of German test cases with NODES.

The paper describes the key findings and results of two real use cases that show the feasibility and advantageousness of a market-based congestion management with offered flexibility in the distribution network. Within the project, the part- ners developed processes to use the flexibility of an industrial park in a real case of a congestion in the 110-kV-network of MITNETZ STROM. The feasibility and advantageousness of market-based congestion management was verified in this specific use case. In the processes, the DSO as well as the aggregator of the flexibility (Entelios) use the market- place of NODES.




Download: Market based Congestion Management.pdf (188 downloads)

Impressum ETG:

„ETG-Kongress 2019 – Das Gesamtsystem im Fokus der Energiewende“

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